The company focuses in the recruitment and retention of competent professionals, by creating and maintaining an optimal, secure and stable working environment, providing competitive compensation and benefit schemes and by offering equal training and development opportunities.

Strategic priorities of the company are:

Diversity – as a leading international player, SunRise needs outstanding teams of employees with a wide range of strengths and abilities and different cultural backgrounds.

Acting Locally – aiming to boost employment and contribute to the well-being of the local communities where it operates, SunRise actively supports the incorporation of local workforce teams into global scale projects.

In House World Class Engineers

Every turn-key project undertaken by SunRise is designed and implemented by an expert team of highly qualified professionals, who manage and oversee all project phases down to the smallest detail: from initial site assessment and equipment sourcing to PV system commissioning and connection to the power distribution network.

The in-house design department at SunRise, the largest of its kind in Greece and staffed by highly experienced engineers specialized in renewable energy technologies, focuses on the continuous optimization of each project both during the design phase and during construction.

This ongoing optimization process utilizing simulations and innovative applications is supported by the company’s extensive know-how and offers a substantial advantage to investors, ensuring the highest possible long term returns.