We are building the way for a sustainable and eco-friendly energy supply of the future where our Corporate Social Responsibility is a key element in both the business strategy and the governance model of our company.

Our goal is to ensure a higher integration of CSR in our business operations and a more systematic management approach, giving top priority to regular communication and exchange of opinions with our Stakeholder groups, in order to further improve our understanding of the issues defined as key CSR priority areas, as well as the effectiveness of the solutions provided.

SunRise’s business excellence and growth is governed by the moral principles and the values that keep our alliance with society. Business ethics and fair conduct behavior are one of our strongest values.

Our CSR key priority areas are the following:

  • Ensuring the Health & Safety of all employees
  • Safeguarding Human Rights
  • Strengthening Transparency
  • Adapting to Climate Change and protecting the Environment
  • Supporting our local communities
  • Taking constant care to improve Labor Practices
  • Upholding ethical Market Practices

As an international company, we are very eager to line up our activities with the internationally recognized standards and goals, where our business practices ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all and that what the Global Goals of the United Nations are calling for.