The scope of Engineering ranges from the conceptual design of the plant to the full detailed design of all aspects of the plant.

Our Solar Plants are designed to reach the optimal output with the most affordable levelized cost of electricity whatever the obstacles we might face our professional team of engineers mastered PV systems integration to reach the highest possible production.

Our Engineering Services includes:

  • Installation site review.

  • Assessment based on orientation, grade, terrain, land usage, local 
climate, access options, grid proximity, etc.
  • Project design and sizing based on investment optimization and 
specific customer requirements
  • Selection of appropriate technology.

  • Equipment installation.
  • Commissioning and connection to the PPC grid
  • Civil engineering works during installation (landscaping, fencing, 
drainage and earthworks, improvements, etc.)

  • Security system design and installation (alarm and CCTV).

  • Remote monitoring design and installation
  • Operations & maintenance and PV project management services
  • Project certification by independent agency
  • After sales support.

  • System insurance coverage.